Island Joe's Stone Claws

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Wild Caught and shipped to you within 24 hours of our harvesting….We pride ourselves of having the highest quality, best tasting Stone Crab Claws. The Crabs here grow in slightly colder water than in Southern Florida areas. The Pacific caught Stone Crabs can be recognized by the color of the cooked claw ranging from reddish orange to light brown almost identical to the Florida Stone. The best way of course, is to eat them! The optimum conditions in the Channel Islands produce great tasting Stone crab.

During our Stone Crab Season which is year around in the Channel Islands. Our Traps are pulled 5 to 6 days a week ( Weather Permitting ).  Harvesting the Stone Crabs from the traps we size the claws and return the Crab to the Sea. The Stone Crab regrows it's claws in about a year. Our Pacific caught Stone Crab Claws are a renewable source of Sustainable Fresh and Healthy Seafood.

We would love to have you offer Our Claws in your restaurant or Seafood Department.

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