Island Joe's Stone Claws

Guaranteed Fresh

At Island Joe’s, our own boats head out every morning, to provide you with the freshest Crab Claws!  Fished from the crystal clear waters of our beautiful Channel Islands

–– available year round!

We waste no time when our boats return to the dock, to sort, claw and cook your delicious claws to perfection. Then chill, pack and ship them off to you by our own staff.

We value every customer! So, if for any reason, you are unsatisfied with our product or services, we will do everything possible to maintain your business and confidence. We want satisfied customers who can always count on us to be their First choice when ordering Fresh Crab Claws!

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

Free Shipping!

FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS 20 POUNDS OR MORE - JUMBO AND LARGE! Signature Jumbo and Premium Large......Place your order and we will credit you back your shipping cost on your...

Florida Season kicks off this week!


SUPPORT LOCAL FISHERMEN!! Get Fresh Claws delivered to your doorstep... Safe and Secure.... While securing our Country.... Stay safe! Island Joe's


We promise to only send you good things.