Island Joe's Stone Claws

You’ve got your work cut out! But then comes the fun part:
Getting the meat out!

So let’s get going………

Place the claws on a hard surface such as a cutting board or any hard surface that won’t get damaged.

You’ll need a mallet, hammer or any other strong blunt instrument.

This can be messy, so before cracking.....cover the claw with a kitchen towel or put the claw in a plastic bag.

Now, referencing the photo below: Begin lightly cracking the claws with your mallet, starting at #1, then #2, and slightly harder on the pincher #3.

  • Next, pull the shells from the claw meat and separate the two knuckles from the main pincher.
  • Then carefully pull the small pincher away.
  • The Meat "Popsicle" will stay attached to the top large moveable Claw.

There’s a hard cartilage in the thickest part which is not edible.

Now you’re ready to Enjoy one of the most delicious things on Earth!

The meat is so sweet you can enjoy it as is, or just a squeeze on a little juice from a fresh lemon or lime.

For a real decadent treat – dip the meat into our homemade Killer South Beach Mustard Sauce.

Go for it!


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