Island Joe's Stone Claws



We're Fisherman and Foodie's!

So start enjoying our Fresh Wild Caught Claws

from the West Coast!

Island Joe’s continues it's tradition as being the reliable Premier supplier ..... Servicing the Fresh Crab houses and fine restaurants across America! 

                          "We’re passionate about our Claws!"

We’ve been fishing these waters since we were kids! We are one of few family owned and operated companies to catch, cook, and distribute our Claws daily. We're not like those other companies that say we are the fishermen –– we really wear the boots! 

We hand pick the claws ourselves, so we’re certain you’re getting the freshness and quality we Guarantee.

"You won't find a fresher Claw anywhere else!"

You can enjoy Our Claws at home...Fresh from our boats to your door step!

Now you don't need an excuse to enjoy our Crab Claws –– they're perfect for any occasion…Or no occasion at all!

We ship overnight wherever you are in the Continental United States. And your order will arrive fresh, ice cold, and ready for cracking! WE GUARANTEE IT!!!

Island Joe’s Fresh Claws are caught wild and shipped to you within 24 hours of our harvesting!

We’re committed to having the highest quality, best tasting Claws your money can buy.

But don't take our word for it –– decide for yourself! These are not just any Claws!


What a perfect way to say... I LOVE YOU


SUPPORT LOCAL FISHERMEN!! Get Fresh Claws delivered to your doorstep... Safe and Secure.... While securing our Country.... Stay safe! Island Joe's

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