Island Joe's Stone Claws

Are the Crabs cooked?

YES...In fact, Island Joe's Crab Claws are cooked just after they arrive at our dock. They are boiled and then iced immediately to stop the cooking process and lock the freshness. All you need to do is crack and eat them! Try dipping them in our Killer "South Beach" Homemade Mustard Sauce or melted butter.

How long can you keep them?

Our delicious Island Joe's Claw’s will taste delicious and fresh three to four days after delivery. Store them in your refrigerator, or between 32 and 35 degrees on packed ice....However, F.Y.I. -- we find our claws never spend more than a day in anyone's refrigerator.

How should we order?

The average person eats 1-1/2 to 2 pounds per serving. But, if you’re like most of our customers; one and a half  to two pounds is never enough...Try two to three pounds....because they're addicting!

How are our Island Joe's Claws delivered?

Our Claws are securely packed in an insulated box, and kept cold using gel packs and/or dry ice. Depending on ambient temperatures and the time of year, this will keep your claws chilled and fresh for several days. They're delivered by FedEx Standard/Priority Overnight. 

What sizes do you sell?

On occasions, we see Killer Colossal Crabs in our traps, which, needless to say, means Killer Colossal Claws!!!

"Killer" Colossal Claws are, on an average, weighing in at 2 Claws per pound. Contact us regarding availability and prices.

Can you order the Select Medium for a main course?

Sure you can! But we find Island Joe's Medium Select Claws make better appetizers. Always good! Always fresh! But when you crack Claws – The BIGGER...the BETTER!!!

Open a few today...And we're certain we'll hear you say –– "MO JOE'S...PLEASE!"

Go Big!

2022 Super Bowl

FREE SHIPPING On orders over 20 pounds! Signature Jumbo and Premium Large......also our Ocean Run Over one Hundred dollar value!  


Please if your shipping for Saturday Delivery you must only opt for the  SATURDAY FED EX PRIORITY! OTHERWISE IT WILL NOT GET SHIPPED!


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