Island Joe's Stone Claws

Crab Crackers

Every Crab Lover should have a few
good Crackers in his quiver.

We currently have 3 to choose from:

Stainless Steel Cracker
Red Claw Cracker
Double Jaw Plated Cracker
Make your selection from the drop down menu above.

"A mallet is great for cracking Claws – but when you get to the knuckle – you gotta have a Cracker!"


Select your preferred Cracker at checkout.

IF your selection is out of stock we'll, otherwise, send you the next closest one.



Our Ocean Run Feast includes a FREE
Cracker, Mallet, & tub of South Beach Mustard Sauce
with every 5 pounds you order!

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With the COVID-19 in the US we have decided to offer Fresh-Frozen as well as Fresh! Claws will come FRESH unless specified Frozen in the note section! This way you...


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